Sophia – Cheery Chubbster Chop-Up

This Friday’s episode features another young babe with a bubbly personality and bubbly ass to match. Her name is Sophia and we found her how we find most of our Trike Patrol pussy quarry; walking along the side of the road in need of a ride. You’ll notice we didn’t film the actual pick-up, because sometimes, when you’re hanging out the side of a trike with a camera like that, it can draw unwanted attention. Unfortunately, the area in which we approached Sophia was too damn crowded with inquisitive onlookers. I wanted to scream “mind your own fucking business people”, but decided bagging this young damsel for you, the fans, was more important.
So the video picks back up in the hotel with Sophia on the bed and us asking her a few obligatory questions which got obligatory answers from her. Sophia’s a funny girl you’ll see. She has that annoying-yet-cute way about her that some Filipinas do, with the overly exaggerated facial and verbal expressions. I laughed hearing her put on her best “American” accent and you probably will too. As charming as it may have been, insight into Sophia’s personality was not what we were most interested in. Nope, we’re ok in admitting it was that soft, nubile baby-phat body of hers. And once presented with a lucky male acquaintance of ours, Sophia then did what any good LBFM should do; started shedding clothes off and moistening her mouth.
Next to come off were the dude’s shorts, and Sophia wasted little time in starting to gorge herself on his now unsheathed little friend. One thing you can say about her is she certainly loves to smile a lot. Even while chewing on a stranger’s cock, Sophia was beaming with her cute delightful expression. But her most fabulous asset is pretty obvious to anyone who lays eyes on her. It’s even more obvious to anyone who actually gets to lay her. Dat ass, dat ass! Oh my, what a wonderfully bulbous and scrumptiously delicious, spankable ass it is. It has that perfect amount of thickness and curvature making an extended pounding in doggy style (her favorite!) a must for any schmuck lucky enough to snare her.
I believe you’ll agree it looks sensational when she’s in reverse cowgirl also, even moreso than Cristel’s similarly nice buns last week. She really works it too! Slamming those two full-rounded cheeks down upon our stud like two basketballs bouncing off a gymnasium floor over and over again. Ass-lovers, rejoice! Hallelujah! But that’s just the start of her qualities. Her beautifully shaved young snapper getting plowed with one leg up is a scintillating sequence as well.
For the spinner-lovers (read: anorexic skeletorista lovers) out there, Sophia may not be your cup of tea. But for us guys who appreciate and even adore these naturally shaped women, I’m sure the view of her nice wholesome FUPA (fat-upper-pussy-area), which is just above her pussy but below her belly-button, will have your blood pressure rising a few points as it did for mine.
But how does a guy finish up on such a natural-bodied girl? Why, in the most natural way possible of course. The way God and nature always intended for penis-to-vagina encounters to end. That’s with a gooey, hard-thrusting infusion of Homo Sapien seed planted deep within the depths of that womanly womb. Or, as it’s less Biblically referred to, a hot sticky cream-pie! And what did Sophia think about that? Well, first, she smiled of course. Then, she checked her cell phone. Yup, that’s about right.